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Still breathing

Dave Duncan and Lester Kasai Dig The StickersIt’s been a while since we updated anything here. Some of us just plain blew it on some video gathering and generally things are just plain busy. But hey… all the under the hood stuff on here is coming along and soon we will have some more for your eyes to see at our online outpost.

On the travel front; we will be in Los Angeles next month for a 4 day skating weekend. Hopefully we will get to skate with some of you out there and hit some of the new and old parks and some pooling around as well. We are certainly looking forward to getting out of the rain, wind, and occasional freezing temperatures around here.

We have been skating as well. Some indoor action lately and we might have some stuff about that later too.

We have a lot of things in play and when we get done with them you will be the first to know.

So get out and skate as often as you can. We will too.

I’ll remember it all…

Benji Galloway Cinco De Margo 2013This weekend was so much fun that we forgot to take any photos or video of our trip out to Port Angeles to skate the really fun skatepark there. It was a super beautiful day and three of us set out to go and skate for the day. For the first part of our day involved an early start to catch the ferry at Edmonds and once we got to the park and some leg stretching Mikhel, Ritchie and myself had a blast skating the park mostly buy ourselves. That park is so very fun that we mostly skated with hardly a break from morning into the afternoon. Skating with friends one of the best things ever.

We then drove to Bainbridge Island to skate the park there and got to skate and hang out with our Oh My Back originator and good friend Andy Caro who hadn’t been skating for months with, of all things, a bad back. It was great to see him skate and we had a good time there. Especially after the shade covered the deep end and our northwestern sun shy selves really started to enjoy ourselves. Burritos and beers to follow and that was our Saturday.

Sunday was Cinco De Margo day which has become an annual event at the Marginal Way Skatepark with tacos, beer, skating and music. It was great to have most of the Oh My Back crew in attendance and skate and witness the absolute ripping going on. It was a great turnout with some surprising out of town visitors as well.

It was an awesome weekend and it was fun to get out and skate with all of our friends. Next time we go on a trip we will try and remember to take a break and snap some photos and do some video gathering. Skating is too much fun sometimes.

Go Skate!!