Still breathing

Dave Duncan and Lester Kasai Dig The StickersIt’s been a while since we updated anything here. Some of us just plain blew it on some video gathering and generally things are just plain busy. But hey… all the under the hood stuff on here is coming along and soon we will have some more for your eyes to see at our online outpost.

On the travel front; we will be in Los Angeles next month for a 4 day skating weekend. Hopefully we will get to skate with some of you out there and hit some of the new and old parks and some pooling around as well. We are certainly looking forward to getting out of the rain, wind, and occasional freezing temperatures around here.

We have been skating as well. Some indoor action lately and we might have some stuff about that later too.

We have a lot of things in play and when we get done with them you will be the first to know.

So get out and skate as often as you can. We will too.

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