This blog/zine is about skateboarding, art, music and bullshit.

With contributors from around the world (Seattle and Trowbridge is around the world right?) and an addiction to skateboarding we will do our best to give you a sense of the life we lead and the things we dig.

We also make some pretty dope posters, hoodies, stickers and t-shirts between skate trips, art shows, rock shows, and living life. Feel free to drop us a line at info at ohmyback dot net.


Contributors List:

Tony Davies: Instigator, nerd, music reviewer, photos, video editor, filming.

Mike Lynch: Photos, shop ranting, product locator, filming, van guy.

Pob Scumtash: Filming, editor, UK correspondent.

Andy Caro: Carpentry, van guy, collector, TIME.

Mikhel Boldyn: Art, music, design.

The Honey Badger: photography, not giving a shit.

Coping Block: Pain banker, not giving a fuck.

Skate – Art – Music – Bullshit