Boxes Of Death 5

Boxes of Death is out on tour heading to California and ending up in Seattle. Always super cool. Check the website and check this video.

Summer is busy

We know we haven’t updated for a long time but we have been skating while the weather has been excellent. We have video to edit, new team members to talk about, t-shirts in the works and other exciting stuff. When we get some crap weather we will get you all updated.

Go skate!


Marginal Way

A cool little clip about a great DIY spot from Peter Hanson. We are working on some other video for you as well so don’t worry.


So Pitted

Somewhat east of us on an island that is similar to Seattle in as much as it’s damp there are some skaters that we know. Nearly everyone has a cool nickname and has a good time skating. A lot like us, although we have not so many nicknames.

Our UK Oh My Back guy in residence, Scumtash (see… I wasn’t lying about nicknames!), has compiled some video for your viewing pleasure. Made me want to go skate!


Being out there!


We are having so much fun seeing our shirts and stickers out in the world! This shot was a screen grab from a video up on the Thrasher site where at about 2:30 in Chris Miller gets a hug from Christian Hosoi and just to the right of them Simon Reynolds is wearing an Oh My Back shirt. How cool is that? Super cool to us!

Thanks to John and Olga Aguilar for taking shirts and stickers to California and getting some people into them!

Epic Sunday #2

Epic Sundays are hopefully going to be a life long habit. Northwestern Washington Indoor multi level mini ramp. Super fun. Watch us suck at skating whilst having tons of fun.


Epic Sunday #2 from ohmyback on Vimeo.

Cinco De Margo!


Location: Marginal Way Skatepark
Description: Come join us at Seattle’s DIY skatepark Marginal Way! Eat tacos, drink beer, listen to bands, and skate! Help raise money for more concrete to make more park improvements!

After party at the 2 Bit Saloon!
Start Time: 1pm
Date: May 4th, 2014

Epic Sunday #1

We have been getting together to skate on Sundays for a while. Sometimes they are epic days for us. We have so much fun that we wanted to share it with you. So we are making it a point to do more than one Epic Sunday video (we have another one ready to edit) and hopefully we will get to do a bunch of them before we are done.

Hopefully you enjoy this as much as we did. But then again watching isn’t as good as doing. Go skate!!

California in March

When it’s been cold and rainy all winter sometimes you just want to get away from the dankness and go somewhere warm. So we went to Los Angeles for about three and a half days. We ate In -n- Out, tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also hit a bunch of skateparks and didn’t video tape most of them. Generally speaking it was super good and I’d do it again.

Thanks to Chad for coming south from NorCal to skate with us (sorry about the video ending), thanks to Ben and Kenzie for letting us stay at their house for hours, and thanks to the people at Juice Magazine for showing us a preview of the 20th anniversary mag and being super cool to us!

Of course thanks Los Angeles for being sunny and dry and having stuff to skate. Thanks to Ami for driving us to the airport and back, Paula for helping Mikhel with the hotel things too!

Big thanks to my compadres M–e and Mikhel for being great skater pals and travel companions!

Here’s the video… enjoy!

California Bound

Summer Set upThe Oh My Back Crew is going to LA this weekend. We are going to skate some parks and some pools and have a damn good time in the sun. We are a little damp up here in Seattle and, frankly, need a break. Of course a skate trip means getting new stuff put together and the new set up for summer has been built. So we may keep our facebook page up to date with where we are going and then we might forget. If you see us we will have some shirts for you to get your filthy mitts on when you see us.

Meanwhile see this stupid video about getting ready…


  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!


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