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Another year of Oh My Back

Southpark TV2014 comes to a close and it marks another year for us being here. Our first post was back in 2011. in the last year we have been on some cool trips (videos to come) and have met some new people on the net and out skating. We even got a flow team. Not bad for being a few years old. New Year’s Day we got out and skated like it was a Sunday and hit up the Southpark skatepark here in South Seattle. A good time! 2015 looks to be even better after we heal from some tweaks. More trips more videos, tshirts, stickers and who knows what else. Thanks for your support for us and skating in general. We here at Oh My Back wouldn’t have much if we didn’t have skating to balance out all the bullshit.

See you out there!

It’s stuff you face day!

So here in the USA it’s Thanksgiving. There’s a lot of terrible things happening here so it’s difficult sometimes to look at the positive. Here at Oh My Back I know that we are all thankful for skateboarding and our crew. We are thick as thieves and have a lot of fun skating and bullshitting the world away on the regular.

So enjoy your family and friends, enjoy the time away from work if you are lucky enough to have the holiday off, and support your local skate shops. I encourage staying away from the large corporate mindfuck of the Friday following today and do something else…. maybe… I don’t know…. skateboard.

I still have a lot of video to edit and I know I keep promising to do that. Hopefully I will get to it after all the software updates and cooking today.

See you out there! Go skate!

Oliver and Levi
Oliver and Levi


California in March

When it’s been cold and rainy all winter sometimes you just want to get away from the dankness and go somewhere warm. So we went to Los Angeles for about three and a half days. We ate In -n- Out, tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also hit a bunch of skateparks and didn’t video tape most of them. Generally speaking it was super good and I’d do it again.

Thanks to Chad for coming south from NorCal to skate with us (sorry about the video ending), thanks to Ben and Kenzie for letting us stay at their house for hours, and thanks to the people at Juice Magazine for showing us a preview of the 20th anniversary mag and being super cool to us!

Of course thanks Los Angeles for being sunny and dry and having stuff to skate. Thanks to Ami for driving us to the airport and back, Paula for helping Mikhel with the hotel things too!

Big thanks to my compadres M–e and Mikhel for being great skater pals and travel companions!

Here’s the video… enjoy!