California in March

When it’s been cold and rainy all winter sometimes you just want to get away from the dankness and go somewhere warm. So we went to Los Angeles for about three and a half days. We ate In -n- Out, tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also hit a bunch of skateparks and didn’t video tape most of them. Generally speaking it was super good and I’d do it again.

Thanks to Chad for coming south from NorCal to skate with us (sorry about the video ending), thanks to Ben and Kenzie for letting us stay at their house for hours, and thanks to the people at Juice Magazine for showing us a preview of the 20th anniversary mag and being super cool to us!

Of course thanks Los Angeles for being sunny and dry and having stuff to skate. Thanks to Ami for driving us to the airport and back, Paula for helping Mikhel with the hotel things too!

Big thanks to my compadres M–e and Mikhel for being great skater pals and travel companions!

Here’s the video… enjoy!

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