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First Grinds of 2011

Today Mike and I got out for a sunny but freezing roll around at the South Park Skatepark. Half the park was covered in a sheen of ice where the sun hadn't hit so pretty much we had north side to skate.  While we were there we thought it would be a good idea to capture our first grinds of 2011 with my cell phone. Easier said than done because when you click the button you don't get what you thought you would. Early or late but never exactly what you want.The first day of 2011 was cold outside but that didn’t deter Mike and I from getting out and skating. Half the Southpark skatepark was covered in a thin layer of ice and since we weren’t equipped with a torch we got the North half to skate. For the most part we had the park to ourselves. Good times.

When we were getting ready to leave a couple walking their dog came past and walked through the skatepark. We warned them of the ice because at first we thought they were there to skate not walk the dog. We got an interesting response from mister dog walking guy who said something like, “I was wondering about weather or not it was a good idea to start (maybe he meant re-start) skating at 38.”

I told him that at nearly 43 it seemed like a good idea to me. Mike and I then joked about how maybe we were the only idiots in the vicinity.

On the way home I was thinking about how I really don’t do any “adult” sports or outdoor activities. I don’t play golf, bowl, fish or whatever seems acceptable for my age. I do think, however, that me and my skater pals (of all ages) have a lot of fun whether it’s a bad day skating or a great day. Bad skate days are most often self imposed in the head or possible getting injured but in general having a so so day skating is still fun.

Some talk of lifestyle but I think that comes from wanting to skate all the time so in the sense of when I’m not skating I’m thinking about it a lot. Everything you are worried about dissipates with the focus needed and that’s one of the best things ever. If you have to ask you haven’t skated.

2011 looks to be a lot of fun and when I’m not working I hope to see some of you out there skating, at music shows or wherever we run into each other. The older I get it’s more apparent that life is a finite thing and that I should make the most of my time doing things I love. Skating is one of those things.

Happy 2011!