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Random Great Day


IMG_20131027_142345[1] Today began with some errands. Dropped off some things at my sons place and then went to the Lake City Toy Show to drop of a DVD for OMB collection kink Andy and walked away with a really cool FunCo Frankenstein for my girlfriend. Then drove over to Marginal Way for some skating since it was raining at my house when I left. By the time I got to Marginal Way the sun was shining and other than some kids with their parents who seemed to do nothing but get in my way I had a good time skating the park when I could. The sunny view from the park was pretty damn good too.

So far so good.

Another errand I needed to do was to go up to Ballard and hit Sonic Boom for some record sleeves (It’s hard to go to the record store and just get sleeves) and Arcane Comics to grab what was in the pull bin for us.

While only buying sleeves *wink* I also scored a re-issue of (I’m) Stranded by The Saints, the new Red Fang album Whales and Leeches, the new Gary Numan album Splinter, and last but not certainly not least I got a 7″ from Olympia’s own Survival Knife which is also rad. Check all of these out because you should.

So…. figuring that because I was in the neighborhood and the weather had turned to fantastic winter sunshine I would skate the Ballard Skatepark. As I walked up there from Sonic Boom I sent fellow OMB crew member Mikhel to see if he was down to take a few turns. When I got to the park Mikhel was already there! I was Stoked. Got some grinds in all the right spots despite the glare and it was also great that some great person had fixed the knuckles in the coping.


Ever since we met Mikhel it has been like we’ve known him forever and he has done a great job with a lot of the new shirt designs and has fit right in with the crew. Great to skate with a great friend on what turned out to be a near perfect day.

Unfortunately Lou Reed passed away and so even though his song “Perfect Day” is quite fitting it’s a shame that he isn’t with us any more. Thanks for all the great music Lou.

Go Skate!