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In search of….

In this age of 3 minute “I’ve got a new-lace-colourway-collab-shoe-insole-online-Itune-only” download video clip it’s refreshing to find some independent videos out there that are just around for the pure love of skateboarding rather than a marketing tool. In Search of the Miraculous is one of these and fuck me is it is a refreshing jolt to the mundanity of current skate flicks.

To give a bit of background it’s the 2nd film from Swedish art-tweaker, and ex-US based pro, Pontus Alv. Following on from the excellent Strongest of the Strange it mixes the artistic with some incredibly amazing and creative skating. And it works, wether it’s watching old cinefilm of Pontus’ family (which provide the inspiration for both films, in this case his grandparents) or Swedish rippers taking apart some jank spots there is something that holds it all together without losing the viewer.

The Swedish fellas in it are also heavily involved in the building of DIY spots and the film takes you through the highs and lows of a number of their projects. You will want to go grab a few bags of concrete after watching this and get busy somewhere.

As for the rest of the film it will without doubt get you stoked to skate. It has something for everyone from handrail bangers to Salba skating the pool at Malmo skatepark. Heavy on the creative side of street skating too there are some lines that are fully “whatthefuckrewindthat?!?!?!”.

Please support independent films such as these and order a copy from Pontus’s website. Not only will you recieve one of the raddest skate films it’s more than likely Pontus will send it to you in homemade envelope, with a handwritten note, some stickers and a personalised picture.

ps. You might get a little freaked out by him dancing around in the nuddy with an American flag but I’m sure it means something to him and – hey it’s art!