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Hey skate shoe companies!

Bad insoles from 2 nameless companies covered up by a pair of good aftermarket ones

With the amount of money that skaters spend on shoes the least you could do is out a decent insole in the shoes. Generally the only way to be comfortable is to tear out the crappy ones that don’t work for after market ones that do. That way even walking feels OK. Thanks for listening…

Hoodies are ready for sale too!

So these really nice zipper front hoodies can now be bought at out store or if you are in the Seattle area at Gravity Sports. We are especially proud of these ones as they are the nice thick fuzzy inside hoodies which work so well in the layering process of existing in the Pacific North West of the US (Probably the UK as well) and I already used mine to stay warm after a skate session this very evening.

Big thanks again to Mikhel, Mike and Brian for working on this stuff this week.

Go skate!