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Hey skate shoe companies!

Bad insoles from 2 nameless companies covered up by a pair of good aftermarket ones

With the amount of money that skaters spend on shoes the least you could do is out a decent insole in the shoes. Generally the only way to be comfortable is to tear out the crappy ones that don’t work for after market ones that do. That way even walking feels OK. Thanks for listening…

All City Showdown


Tuesday I went to the All City Showdown which is the completion of a video contest put on by 35th North Skateshop where teams of 4 (3 skaters and 1 filmer) get 8 hours to film skating spots around town. Winners teams and individuals get picked and the video gets put together and shown. The winners get revealed for the first time at the premier of the video.

This year, for me, was inspiring. Not only was the skating in the video super good (pro level in a lot of cases) but the crowd that filled up El Corazone to watch it was as well. Skateboarding is alive and well in Seattle! A great time with old friends and new.

When the DVD is out I recommend you get your mitts on one.

Who knows… maybe an Oh My Back team next year….