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We have shirts and hoodies in stock again (and other news)!

imageWe have a fresh batch of circle logo shirts and pullover hoodies over in the Merch Store for you to get your grubby little mitts on. Too late for Halloween but somebody’s having a birthday soon.

By the way… Thanks for the nearly 600 people who have checked the thumbs up on our little corner of Facebook and also the fun we are having with our nearly 500 Instagram pals.

Recently some of our good friends accross the pond went to Hamburg and made a little video and have an article over at ┬┐confusion? so check that out…

Now that the weather has turned into complete crap we will be skating indoors or under bridges and there will be a little more time for editing video. So check back for that along with some flow team announcements (better late than never kids) and other fun stuff….

Go skate!!


Being out there!


We are having so much fun seeing our shirts and stickers out in the world! This shot was a screen grab from a video up on the Thrasher site where at about 2:30 in Chris Miller gets a hug from Christian Hosoi and just to the right of them Simon Reynolds is wearing an Oh My Back shirt. How cool is that? Super cool to us!

Thanks to John and Olga Aguilar for taking shirts and stickers to California and getting some people into them!

New Pullover Hoodies!


At long last we’ve got a very limited quantity of pullover hoodies for your grubby little mits!

You can grab them up in one of three ways. Online in our store, Gravity Sports in Renton, Washington, or get them out of the trunk of my car while I still have them when you see me. They are $40 + $10 shipping when you order them on line (only in the USA for these. Sorry everyone else. This may change later).

We also have a small quantity of XL size shirts with the same logo up for sale. If you hurry they may arrive by your favorite holiday. Or get them with the money your grandma sent after the holidays.