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Stencil Deck

Since a new deck was needed to go to the UK with (a one man tour of sorts) and we weren’t quite ready to screen decks (yes that is coming your way in the not so far future) I had to make due with a die cut vinyl stencil that Mikhel made a while back.

Here’s how it went along with some Oh My Back Instagram photos…

  1. Mask off the edges so you can see the laminates and then paint the deck. In this case I sprayed it black.BaseBlack
  2. Next apply the stencil and a lot of blue tape and newspaper so you don’t get paint where it’s not wanted. StencilOn Continue reading Stencil Deck

Whats the wurst that could happen?

Well you could put 7 sweaty men in a small room with windows that don’t really open, a toilet the size of a hamster cage, feed them meat and cake for 4 days and see if the smells produced can get you invaded by a foreign super power searching for chemical weapons.

Thats how we spent some of our time in Hamburg, along with watching the Peter Serofinowicz show and Grosso’s loveletters then practicing static backside boneless.

Oh yeah – we occasionally ventured out to skate some of the the rad shit over there. Killer trip. I’ll let the footage speak for most of it but lets just say as soon as we landed back home we were plotting how to get out there again.

And we met Lester Kasai. And we had to explain to 1 or 2 of the younger members of our group who he was. (“He invented the benihana? OMG!!!”). I took a few pics whilst winding down, there are others taken by Mystery Steve but he’s so mysterious you’ll probably never get to see them.