Summer’s Over Eastern Washington Trip


With the inevitable plunge into dankness on it’s way in the Pacific Northwest we decided to get some last minute fun in before retreating to skating under bridges, and covered ramps and some indoor spots. We headed East over the Cascades to what promised to be a dry couple of days while Western Washington got drenched.

Mikhel, Ramadan, M–e, Brian, Andy, and Tony hit the road in the OMBmobile and met up with Matt to skate three parks on the first day. Yakima, Prosser and Richland, Washington were on the menu.

It was great to get some to parks they had never skated and to see Ramadan back from the lacerated kidney (he’s professional so don’t try doing that to yourself at home) and Brian get giant progress in his bowl skating by going for it. Super good.

We crashed with our fabulous hosts Matt and Toni so we were refreshed for day two.

Day two we got over to Walla Walla which has got two new sections since we last visited and we had probably the most fun of the whole trip there. We followed up the rest of the late morning early afternoon in Pendleton, Oregon before heading to Echo (raining), and Hermiston (also raining). Once again everyone was having a great time before the rain.

A long drive back to Seattle but a trip well worth it. We will be heading East again for sure.

The video will be done soon so for now enjoy the photos:

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