Wurst un best

Back at the start of July a select group of idiots undertook a trip to the northern German city of Hamburg. Meticulously planned until we started drinking at 5am in the airport it nevertheless was a skate trip filled with all the right ingredients – namely beer, meat and odd concrete parks.

We got rained on, experienced the worse music in a skatepark ever, hit a skate film premiere, had free beer and sausages courtesy of the skateshop next to the hostel, saw WW2 flak tower relics, realised the Germans party like its the apocalypse, played singstar, tortured ourselves in a massage chair, skated concrete odditys and above all else had a ridiculous amount of fun. Cos thats what you do isn’t it.

Video footage here, apologies for poor quality but I had to get it under 500megs to upload it. Just drink some Von Raven if you can find it and it’ll all look fine.

3 thoughts on “Wurst un best”

  1. Yes! The barons of the noble house of Von Raven live on!

    Sick vid Bob, some of those spots looked amazing – that last park looked like so much fun.

    Well liked the Smell slam section!

  2. Cheers Frocku! It’s an amazing place, really wished you could have come with us. We’ll just have to go again.

    Rota Flora is amazing – I think someone described skating it as like being in a pinball machine.

    Smell does love to fall over eh?!

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