OMB Vegas “special” number 1

Now I’ve finally got my sleeping patterns back to normal I put together the really small amount of footage from the OMB Vegas shred-a-thon “special”. Cheers to Tony, Don and June for making the trip and coming to skate janky parks with me. And boy were some of them janky, and I know janky.

The ditch made up for it though and was super fun aside from my legs running out of juice. Was a pretty awesome day – including the hotwings, the tour of shitty (ex)NW beers and jetlagged boozing, just trying to work out how I can get back there next year!

One thought on “OMB Vegas “special” number 1”

  1. Ha! I love how horrible I look skating on video! I hope to get some of my stuff finished up soon. A little story and a little bit of video.


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